Tonight, the City-County Building is illuminated in a standard colorful roatation with no affilation. Public Safety, City-County Building, 414 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Media Blotter. Marshals, Pittsburgh SWAT make Second Arrest in August Homicide-11.11.2021, One Person Charged for Stealing Packages in Mount Washington-11.10.2021, Zone 1 Officers Respond to Shooting in Perry South-11.10.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Responds to Fire in High-Rise in Manchester-11.08.2021, UPDATE: Police Investigate Stabbing in the South Side Slopes-11.08.2021, Police Investigate Middle Hill District Shooting-11.07.2021, First Responders Rescue Male Trapped on Hillside-11.07.2021, Male Transported to the Hospital after Shooting in Allentown Neighborhood-11.06.2021, Police Investigate Armed Robbery of a Business-11.06.2021, Police Investigate After Juvenile Male Struck by BB Gun-11.06.2021, Male Arrested After Assaulting a Police Officer on the South Side-11.06.2021, Police Make Arrest in Overnight Domestic Incident -11.05.2021, UPDATE: Pittsburgh Police Seek the Public's Assistance in Locating Kidnapped Juvenile Male-11.05.2021, Two Juveniles in Custody after Robbery in Carrick-11.04.2021, UPDATE: SVU Detectives Seek Your Assistance In Locating a Missing and Endangered Female-11.03.2021, Police Respond To a Domestic Call in Sheraden-11.01.2021, Police Respond To Shooting in Carrick-10.31.2021, EMS and Police Respond to Stabbing in South Side-10.31.2021, EMS, Fire, and Police Respond to Fatal Collision in Overbrook-10.30.2021, Police Respond To Collision in Allegheny Commons-10.29.2021, Police Respond To Reported Human Remains Discovered-10.28.2021, River Rescue Responds to Body in Ohio River-10.28.2021, Graffiti Squad Detectives Search for Warrant Suspect -10.28.2021, Fire, EMS, and Police Respond to 4-Alarm Fire in Perry South-10.28.2021, Police Make Arrest for Business Robberies in Zone 3-10.27.2021, Police and EMS Respond To Male Shot in Homewood South-10.26.2021, UPDATE: Police Respond to Home Invasion-10.25.2021, No Remaining Threat against "Central High School" after National Social Media Threat-10.24.2021, Police Respond to Shooting near Lincoln-Lemington -10.24.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Responds to Natural Gas Leak on the North Shore-10.23.2021, One Arrested after Home Invasion in South Side Slopes-10.20.2021, Police Investigate ShotSpotter Alert, Victim Found Wounded in Knoxville-10.17.2021, Police Investigate Fatal Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Collision on the North Shore-10.17.2021, UPDATE: Firefighters Battle 3-Alarm Residential Structure Fire in Lawrenceville-10.16.2021, Police Investigate Non-Fatal Shooting in Homewood South-10.16.2021, Police Make Arrest in Sheraden Homicide-10.15.2021, Police Investigate After Body Found inMonongahela River-10.15.2021, First Responders Perform Hillside Rescue on South Side-10.15.2021, Detectives Make Two Arrest in Fatal Sheraden Shooting-10.14.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Responds to Houseboat Fire on the Allegheny River-10.14.2021, UPDATE: Police Seek the Public's Assistance to Locate a Missing Boy-10.14.2021, UPDATE: Police Respond for Theft in Progress Report in Bloomfield, Taser Deployed During Arrest-10.13.2021, Pittsburgh Police, Animal Care and Control, and Humane Animal Rescue Respond to Animal Hoarding in Carrick Residence-10.13.2021, Pittsburgh Police Respond to Bomb Threat at School in Zone 2-10.12.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Investigate Report of Assault in North Shore-10.12.2021, UPDATE: Police Ask For Assistance in Locating Missing 12-Year-Old Boy-10.12.2021, Three Wounded in Hill District Shooting, Police Investigate-10.11.2021, UPDATE: Pittsburgh Fire Investigation Unit Investigates Series of Dumpster Fires as Arson-10.11.2021, Police Release Uniform Crime Report Numbers For August-10.11.2021, Fire, EMS, and Police Respond to Motorcycle Collision in Homewood-10.10.2021, SWAT Responded to Greenfield-10.10.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Responds To Natural Gas Leak in Oakland-10.07.2021, UPDATE: SVU Detectives Seek Your Assistance In Locating a Missing Male-10.06.2021, Firefighters Responds to a 2-Alarm fire in Wilkinsburg-10.06.2021, SWAT Responded To Homewood North-10.04.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Responds to a 2-Alarm House Fire in Brighton Heights -10.04.2021, UPDATE: Major Crimes Investigates Homicide in Sheraden-10.03.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, Pittsburgh Police Respond to a 2-Alarm House Fire in Sheraden-10.02.2021, SWAT Responds to Armed, Barricaded Homicide Suspect in The Hill District-10.01.2021, Police Respond to Shooting that Injures One in East Liberty-09.30.2021, UPDATE: Man Arrested after Shooting in Mount Washington-09.30.2021, UPDATE: Police seek the Public's Help to locate a Missing Juvenile Female-09.28.2021, Pittsburgh HazMat Responds to Ammonia Leak in the Strip District -09.28.2021, Police Investigate Stabbing in the Knoxville Neighborhood-09.26.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Responds for 2-Alarm Residential Structure Fire in Hazelwood-09.26.2021, UPDATE: Police Investigate after Toddler Arrives at the Hospital with a Gunshot Wound-09.26.2021, UPDATE: River Rescue Responds to the Mon River for Male Under the Water-09.25.2021, Police Respond to Stabbing in Perry South-09.22.2021, SWAT Responds to Domestic Incident involving a Firearm in Homewood North-09.22.2021, Woman Arrested and Charged after Infant Exposed to Narcotics-09.22.2021, UPDATE: Pittsburgh Police Received Reports of Verbal Assaults in Squirrel Hill-09.22.2021, Police Investigate Shots Fired in Beltzhoover, Victim Self-Transported to the Hospital-09.22.2021, Pittsburgh Police and University of Pittsburgh Police Arrest Suspect in Prowling Incidents-09.21.2021, Fire, Police Respond to Fire at Beechview Gas Station; Man Arrested for Arson-09.21.2021, Police Investigate Shooting that Left Two Wounded-09.21.2021, Police Investigative Robbery on S. Millvale Avenue-09.20.2021, Police Responded To a Male Shot in Homewood-09.19.2021, Police Responded To a Shotspotter Alert in the Strip District-09.18.2021, EMS , Fire, and Police Respond to Collision in Larimer-09.18.2021, Police Make Arrest in Homewood South Shooting that Wounded Four-09.16.2021, Police respond to Stabbing in Homewood South-09.15.2021, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Responds To Downtown Hotel Fire-09.14.2021, Police Responded To a Shotspotter Alert in Homewood-09.13.2021, UPDATE: Police Ask for the Public's Assistance to Find Missing Child-09.13.2021, Police and EMS Responded To a Male Shot in Mt. -10.23.2020, Pittsburgh Police Are Searching For a Warrant Suspect. Controller's Office Floodgates Are Down-07.11.2019, Police Investigate North Side Shooting-07.10.2019, UPDATE: Chartiers REOPENS After Downed Pole-07.10.2019, Public Safety Crews Rescue Driver from Overturned Truck-07.10.2019, Police Investigate Assault In Sheraden -07.09.2019, UPDATE: Police Investigate Collision Involving Police Cruiser-07.09.2019, Police Investigate Business Robbery in Shadyside-07.08.2019, Police, Fire, EMS Respond to Fallen Tree On Vehicle-07.07.2019, Police Seek the Public's Help In Burglary/Sexual Assault Investigation-07.07.2019, Police, Fire, EMS Respond to Single Vehicle Rollover-07.07.2019, Police Respond to a Male Shot in Beltzhoover-07.06.2019, UPDATE: Police Search for Missing Man-07.06.2019, Public Safety On Fourth of July Celebrations -07.05.2019, Update: Police Investigate East Hills Stabbing-07.05.2019, Police Respond to 911 Call About Baseballs Into the Allegheny River-07.05.2019, Arrest in Downtown Bank Robberies-07.05.2019, Police Investigate Male Shot in Leg-07.04.2019, Police Investigate Stabbing and Robbery in Sheraden-07.04.2019, UPDATE: Police Search for Missing Boy-07.04.2019, Police Investigate Double Shooting Downtown -07.04.2019, UPDATE: Police Seek the Public's Help Locating a Missing Man-07.03.2019, UPDATE: Shots Fired in Homewood-07.03.2019, UPDATE: Police Investigate Spring Hill Shooting-07.02.2019, UPDATE: Criminal Charges for Beechview Alligator Owner-07.02.2019, Felony Arrest Warrant Executed in Carrick-07.02.2019, UPDATE 2: Police Investigate Downtown Bank Robbery-07.02.2019, Woman Injured in Hill Shooting-07.01.2019, Police Investigate Hit and Run Crash-06.30.2019, Police Investigate Shooting in Carrick-06.29.2019, Police Investigate Possible Shooting-06.29.2019, Collision Investigation Unit called to Crash-06.28.2019, Police Investigate Two Shootings in Troy Hill Neighborhood, One Fatal-06.26.2019, Update: Police Investigate Downtown Bank Robbery-06.26.2019, Police/SWAT Respond to Armed Male Barricaded in Residence With Children-06.26.2019, Police, EMS Respond to Two Teenage Males Shot on the North Side-06.26.2019, Police/SWAT Respond to Call for a Welfare Check-06.25.2019, Police/SWAT Respond to Reports of Shots Fired -06.25.2019, Police Investigate Vandalism to a Memorial to Officer Paul Scuillo-06.24.2019, Police, Fire Respond To Overturned Dump Truck-06.23.2019, Update 3 : Police Investigate Two Shootings in Zone 3-06.23.2019, UPDATED: Police Respond to Altercation On PAT Bus-06.22.2019, Update: Police Make Arrest In Stabbing Death of Male on the North Side-06.22.2019, UPDATE: Police Respond to Male Stabbed -06.21.2019, Arrest in Death of Kenneth Baptiste Jr.-06.20.2019, Police Respond to a Male Shot-06.19.2019, Animal Care and Control Officers Rescue Domesticated Ducks In Park-06.18.2019, Police Officer Attacked by Dog While Providing Aid to Male-06.16.2019, Police Respond to Reports of a Possible Stabbing-06.16.2019, Police, EMS Respond to Hit and Run-06.16.2019, Police, EMS Respond to Male Shot-06.15.2019, Police Respond to Unresponsive Male on North Side-06.15.2019, Police Investigate Vehicle Crashed Into Residence-06.15.2019, Woman Goes Over Homestead Grays Bridge-06.14.2019, Serious Solo Vehicle Crash Investigated-06.14.2019, Animal Care & Control Saves Five Ducklings From Sewer-06.14.2019, Police Investigate Personal Care Home Robbery-06.13.2019, Police Arrest Squirrel Hill Man for Corruption of Minor-06.13.2019, Police Investigate Business Robbery-06.12.2019, Police Pursue Stolen Vehicle -06.12.2019, Police, Fire and EMS Respond to Collision on Liberty Bridge-06.12.2019, Three Alligators, Other Animals Seized From Home-06.11.2019, UPDATE: Police Seek Suspect in Memorial Day Homicide in the Hill District-06.11.2019, Police Investigate Kidnapping-06.11.2019, UPDATE: Second Victim Dies in Hill District Shooting-06.11.2019, UPDATE: Police LOCATE Endangered Adult Male-06.10.2019, Police Respond to North Side Shots Fired-06.09.2019, Another Loose Alligator Found-06.08.2019, Large Alligator Captured in Beechview-06.06.2019, Arrest Made in North Side Homicide-06.05.2019, Police Investigate Head-on Collision-06.04.2019, SWAT Responds to Barricaded Male-06.04.2019, Police Search for Illegal Motorcyclist-06.03.2019, UPDATE: Arrest in North Side Stabbing-06.03.2019, Police, Fire and EMS Respond to Multi-Vehicle Crash-06.02.2019, Fire, Police, EMS Respond to Suspected Electrical Fire-06.02.2019, Police Respond to Woman Shot-06.01.2019, EMS, Fire, Police Respond to Vehicle into Home-05.31.2019, Police Investigate West End Shooting-05.30.2019, UPDATE: Police Seek Public's Help in Hill District Homicide -05.30.2019, Police Respond to Fatal Shooting in West End-05.29.2019, EMS Flood Response Unit Responds to Flooded Roadway -05.29.2019, Fire, Police Respond to Condo Building Fire-05.28.2019, Police Investigate Fatal Shooting in Homewood-05.28.2019, Police Respond to Fatal Shooting in Hill-05.27.2019, Police Investigate Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle on Mount Washington-05.26.2019, Police Respond to Single Vehicle Crash-05.26.2019, Police Respond to Pedestrian Hit and Run-05.26.2019, Police Seek Driver of Vehicle Abandoned After Crash-05.25.2019, SWAT, Tactical Negotiators Respond to Well-Being Check on Veteran-05.25.2019, Police Respond To Shots Fired-05.24.2019, SWAT Called for Possibly Suicidal Male-05.24.2019, Statement on Overnight Shootings-05.24.2019, Police Respond to Shooting Victim-05.24.2019, Police Respond To Victim Shot-05.24.2019, Police Respond to Shots Fired-05.24.2019, Police Execute Narcotics Warrant - Arrests Made-05.23.2019, Police Respond To Shooting Victim-05.22.2019, Police Investigate Reports Of Shots Fired-05.22.2019, Police Investigate Shots Fired-05.21.2019, Domestic Incident Results in Arrest-05.21.2019, Police Investigate Teen Hit By Car-05.21.2019, Police Respond to Deceased Body-05.20.2019, Public Safety Investigates Chemical Odor-05.20.2019, Police Arrest Uber Driver on Separate Charges -05.20.2019, Police Investigate Boy's Death-05.20.2019, SWAT Called for Suicidal Man-05.19.2019, Police Investigate Non-Fatal Stabbing-05.18.2019, Alligator Captured on Southside-05.18.2019, Police Looking for Missing 12-Year-Old-05.17.2019, Police Investigate Woman Hit By Car-05.16.2019, Police Take Suspect into Custody-05.16.2019, Police Cruiser Involved in Crash-05.16.2019, Police Pursue Stolen Vehicle-05.15.2019, Police, Fire, EMS Respond to Fatal Crash-05.14.2019, Firefighters Battle Two-Alarm Blaze in Wilkinsburg-05.13.2019, Police Investigate Shots Fired-05.13.2019, Police Investigate Reported Kidnapping-05.11.2019, Police Respond to Deceased Body-05.11.2019, Police Investigate Car Crash-05.09.2019, Police Respond to Domestic Incident-05.08.2019, Police Investigate Possible Carjacking-05.08.2019, Police Respond to North Side Shooting-05.08.2019, Public Safety, City Officials Rescue Ducklings-05.08.2019, River Rescue Responds to Man in Allegheny River-05.04.2019, Police Talk Suspected Bridge Jumper Down-05.03.2019, Police Investigate Assault and Robbery-05.03.2019, Firefighters Respond to One-Alarm Fire-04.30.2019, Police Respond to Report of Home Invasion-04.30.2019, Police Looking for Missing Kids-04.25.2019, UPDATE: Pittsburgh Police Seek Assistance in Finding Missing Mother and Son-07.18.2016, Community Development Block Grant Program, Comprehensive Municipal Pension Trust Fund. Mayor's Office service. Not monitored 24/7. -10.18.2022, Police, EMS Respond to Shooting in the South Side Flats-10.16.2022, Shooting Near Allegheny Commons East Leaves Three Dead, One Injured-10.15.2022, Police, EMS Respond for Non-Fatal Hit and Run Downtown-10.13.2022, Carrick Assault Leaves Man in Critical Condition-10.13.2022, Police Investigate Armed Carjacking in Zone 1-10.13.2022, UPDATE: Zone 1 Officers Respond to Carjacking on E. Ohio Street-10.12.2022, Police, EMS Respond to Multi-Round Shotspotter Alert, One Person Grazed-10.12.2022, Police Arrest Male Following Gun Threatsin Allegheny East-10.12.2022, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, EMS, Police Respond to Crash on Greentree Road-10.11.2022, Police Investigate After Woman Shot In Homewood South-10.09.2022, Pittsburgh Police Arrest Two in Connection with October 2, 2022 Attempted Homicide-10.09.2022, Vehicle Pulled From the Allegheny River, Body Recovered-10.08.2022, Police Arrest Male After Dog Found With Stab Wound-10.08.2022, EMS and Fire Responded to Collision in South Oakland-10.07.2022, Police Investigate Armed Robbery in Garfield Neighborhood-10.07.2022, Police in Zone 4 Respond to Carjacking in Shadyside-10.05.2022, EMS and Police Responded to Male Gunshot Victim-10.04.2022, UPDATE: Public Safety Statement on Fatal Fall in Acrisure Stadium-10.03.2022, Police Responded to Robbery in Allentown-10.03.2022, Police, EMS Respond to Shooting -10.02.2022, Police, EMS Respond to Fall in Acrisure Stadium-10.02.2022, Police, EMS Respond to One Person Shot in Zone 6-10.01.2022, Police, EMS Respond to Shooting in Mount Washington-09.30.2022, Pittsburgh Police Arrest Juvenile Male Following Assault at Oliver Citywide Academy-09.30.2022, Police Make Arrest in August 2022 Homewood Shooting -09.30.2022, Police Investigating Carjacking Near Shadyside-09.29.2022, Police, EMS Respond to Fatal Shooting in Zone 5-09.29.2022, Police Respond to Robbery, Carjacking in Zone 4-09.29.2022, Police Respond to 24 Round Shotspotter Alert in Zone 1-09.29.2022, Police and EMS Responded to A Shooting The Upper Hill -09.28.2022, Three Pittsburgh Police Cruisers Burned at Police Academy, Considered Suspicious-09.28.2022, Police Respond to Fatal Shooting in Zone 3-09.27.2022, UPDATE: Police Seek Publics Help to Find Missing Teen-09.27.2022, Arrest Warrant Issued in Fatal Collision in Glen Hazel Neighborhood-09.26.2022, Police Responded to a Shotspotter Alert in Sheraden-09.25.2022, Police and EMS Responded to Fatal Shooting on Bedford Avenue-09.24.2022, Police Respond for Vehicle Crashed into a Pole in Windgap -09.22.2022, HazMat Team Responds to Strip District Business-09.22.2022, Police Make Arrest in August Bank Robbery-09.21.2022, UPDATE: Police Are Searching for a Missing Juvenile and Asking for the Public's Help-09.21.2022, UPDATE: Police Seek the Public's Assistance to Find Missing and Endangered Female-09.21.2022, UPDATE: SVU Detectives Seek Your Assistance In Locating A Missing Woman. -04.19.2022, Pittsburgh Police Update the Number of Non-Fatal Gunshot Victims from April 17 Incident -04.19.2022, Update Regarding Fatal Shooting Incident on Suismon Street-04.18.2022, UPDATE: Gunfire in East Allegheny Leaves Two Juveniles Dead, Several Others Injured-04.17.2022, Police Investigate Shots Fired Inside South Side Flats Business-04.17.2022, Police Investigate After Male Found Shot on Centre Avenue in the Hill District-04.16.2022, Police Respond for Shots Fired, Find Victim in Vehicle in Woods Run-04.16.2022, Police Investigate Stabbing in Garfield-04.16.2022, Police, EMS Respond after Three People Shot in East Hills-04.16.2022, Police Investigate Shooting in Homewood South-04.13.2022, Police Investigate Reported Carjacking in the Hill District-04.13.2022, UPDATE: Police, Fire. PITTSBURGH Pittsburgh Police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing teenage girl. EMS Respond for Serious Collision on the Liberty Bridge-04.12.2022, Fire, EMS, Police Respond for Fire at USX Building Downtown-04.12.2022, UPDATE: Police Ask For Public's Help to Find Missing Juvenile Male-04.12.2022, Police and EMS Responded to a Triple Shooting. Zone1 OFFENSE 2.0 3100 block Mc Clure Ave Marshall-Shadeland Report Name Location Of Occurance Neighborhood 23060130 Incident Age 00:30 Washington-11.16.2022, EMS, Fire, and Police Respond to E Carson Street Collision-11.16.2022, Police Responded to Shooting on Smithfield Street-11.15.2022, Police, EMS Respond after One Shot in Homewood-11.11.2022, EMS, Police Respond to Crash in Carrick-11.11.2022, Police Respond to Reported Home Invasion, Male Found Deceased, Female Injured -11.10.2022, UPDATE: SVU Detectives Seek Assistance to Find a Missing Woman-11.09.2022, Police Arrest One for October 1, 2022 Homicide -11.09.2022, Police Arrest One for October 25, 2022 Highland Park Homicide -11.09.2022, UPDATE: SVU Detectives Seek Public's Help to Find Missing Man-11.08.2022, Police Investigate Fatal Shooting in Zone 3-11.08.2022, Male Found Shot Inside Vehicle in Stanton Heights, Police Investigate-11.07.2022, Police Investigate After Two Males Shot, Injured in the Hill District-11.06.2022, UPDATE: Woman Shot and Injured in Troy Hill, Police Investigate-11.05.2022, Driver Crashes in Mount Oliver After Being Pulled Over for Suspected DUI-11.04.2022, UPDATE: Police Investigate After Two Males Shot in Northview Heights-11.04.2022, Firefighters Respond for 2-Alarm Commercial Class Fire in Uptown-11.03.2022, UPDATE: Arrest Warrant Issued for Third Suspect Wanted in Allegheny Commons Triple Homicide-11.03.2022, Police and EMS Respond to Shotspotter Alert in Sheraden-11.03.2022, Shot Fired at Pittsburgh Police Detective During Investigation-11.02.2022, Police Arrest Two in Connection with Allegheny Commons Triple Homicide-11.02.2022, UPDATE: Pittsburgh Police SVU Detectives Seek Assistance to Find a Missing Juvenile-11.02.2022, Police Investigate After Road Construction Flagger Struck by Vehicle in Hit and Run-11.02.2022, Gunshot Victims Arrive at EMS Headquarters and Local Hospital-11.01.2022, Stolen Vehicle Crashes on the North Side, Police Arrest Driver-10.31.2022, Police Responded to a Fatal Shooting in Homewood North-10.31.2022, Police Investigate After Juvenile Male Shot, Injured-10.31.2022, Detectives, River Rescue Locates Gun Matching Description of Firearm Used in North Side Shooting -10.30.2022, Two People Arrested, Charged with Attempted Homicide after Shooting at North Side Church -10.29.2022, Police Respond to Shotspotter Alert in Sheraden-10.29.2022, Firefighters Respond to Fatal House Fire in Wilkinsburg-10.29.2022, Police Responded to Shotspotter Alerts on Rhine Place-10.28.2022, UPDATE: Six People Injured in Shooting on Brighton Road -10.28.2022, EMS, Fire and Police Respond to Early Morning Collision-10.28.2022, Police and EMS Respond to Male Shot in Leg-10.28.2022, Police Responded to Male Shot on Maple Avenue-10.27.2022, UPDATE 3: Pittsburgh Police Seek to Identify Male Suspected of Hiding Camera in Public Restroom, Remotely Capturing Images-10.27.2022, Police and EMS respond to Teenager Shot in Beechview-10.26.2022, Police Investigate After Body Discovered in Garfield Neighborhood-10.26.2022, Police Responded to Assault in Homewood-10.25.2022, Pittsburgh Police, EMS Respond to Shots Fired Downtown-10.25.2022, Police and EMS Responded to an Unresponsive Male in Highland Park Neighborhood-10.25.2022, Police Make Arrest in Marshall-Shadeland Non-Fatal Shooting-10.24.2022, UPDATE: SVU Detectives Seek Your Assistance In Locating A Missing Juvenile-10.24.2022, Pittsburgh Bureau EMS & Bureau of Fire Rescue Woman from Hillside in Mount Washington-10.23.2022, UPDATE: Police, EMS Respond to Shooting in Arlington-10.23.2022, UPDATED: Police Investigate Shooting on South Side-10.23.2022, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Responds to Fire in Crawford-Roberts-10.21.2022, One Person Arrested, Charged in August Shooting-10.21.2022, Police Investigate Carjacking in Zone 5-10.20.2022, Police, EMS Respond to Shooting Call in Zone 5-10.20.2022, UPDATE: Police Investigating Shooting Near Brownsville Road-10.18.2022, Pittsburgh Police Arrest Three in Connection with Shooting on Kelly Street in Homewood-10.18.2022, Police Responded to Shotspotter alerts on Kelly Street. 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